Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #4 Post: C4T #1 Summary

First of all, I want to share how much I enjoyed participating in this project. It gave me a chance to see what a real, functional, and popular, blog post looks like by a well-respected person. I was assigned to Mr. John Spencer who is passionate about helping his students achieve their goals.

The First post I commented on was titled, "The Hero of Your Own Story (Part 2)," here he discussed the tug-of-war battle between giving the students the opportunity to create their own strategies, make their own mistakes, and learn from them, and the threat of too much freedom in the classroom. He makes this statement to introduce the blog: "I was thinking about what it actually means to have students acting as active protagonists." I agreed with him that we should encourage students to be active in the decision making of their school careers; but I also agreed that inhibiting them from doing so may limit their full potential.

The Second post I commented on was, "How Do We Define Success?" That's a tough concept to define. In this post he shared personal stories about what success has meant to different students. Whether it's graduating college, maintaining a high GPA, or even just putting food on the table, we must acknowledge that everyone measures success in different ways. I want to share my personal experience. I came across this post after a stressful, normal college day and after reading it I was a bit more relaxed; Spencer has a perspective on situations that I must appreciate, and I shared both of these things with him and his other readers. Our lives will have many ups and downs but we need to learn to appreciate every success we make-big or small!

Spencer's blog was very interesting to explore, and he has many engaging topics that are universally related (and he's even a Harry Potter fan!). Please follow the link to see his blog for yourself! Education Rethink
diagram of success mantra.

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