Friday, September 26, 2014

Project #6: C4K Summary #1

Comic book style comment.
This week for comment #3 I was assigned to a student named Andrew who is part of Mrs. Greer's 5th grade class. Here is the class blog, you can find the students on the right hand side.
The post I commented on was tagged "100 word challenge," and he did a great job getting exactly 100 words into his post. He described a scenario about his family leaving their house to catch a plane. I enjoyed picturing his vivid sentences of what happened right before they left the house. Like I said, he did a great job with this portion of the post. On the other hand, I had to agree with the comment that Mrs. Greer left him pointing out his lack of quotation marks. I assumed they had learned this grammar rule by reading her comment about it. I reinforced this correction he needed to make in my comment as well. Quotation marks are vital when it comes to telling a story and having people in that story say specific things. Being in 5th grade he will begin to write many more narrative essays and this part of grammar is something that needs to become a habit.
The second student I had was named Cheyenne, and I believe she was about the same grade as Andrew. I remember her post being short, sweet, and to the point in answering her teacher's request. She shared her feelings about having an anti-bullying group come speak to her class-she enjoyed what they had to say. I shared with her that I liked reading her post and agreed with her because I believe bullying is a very serious problem in all school systems. The only correction I gave her was not to forget her proper nouns that required a capital letter, her school's name for example.
The first student I was assigned to was a young girl in New Zealand. I commented on one of her posts that included a Google slideshow. She made this presentation by using each letter of the alphabet and relating each letter to a sport. I remember she made a wonderful presentation that was very detailed with the names of the sports and graphics to go with them. I think that she enjoyed making this presentation because there was so much effort put into it.

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