Wednesday, October 22, 2014

C4K Summary #2

Sulaman is in Madame Thomas' 8th grade English class. He is a bright student that is fabulous at writing poetry and keeps up with his blog regularly. I happened to comment on one of his posts, that was a poem, titled "Today I..." It was a very well thought-out poem for an 8th grader; I was impressed and it even made me reflect on my own day, and compare it to his. I have always been jealous of people who can create thoughtful and meaningful poetry. :)

Erin is in Mrs. Ripp's 7th grade class. She seems to really enjoy posting on her blog and she includes many original ideas of her own. The post that I commented on was titled, "What Should Kids Decide In School?" In this post she shared her ideas about how she would like to be able to have a say in the classes she takes at school. I was very intrigued by her mature ideas about why students should choose classes in middle school. I think she will go very far in her academics.

Cole is a student in Mrs. Philipenko's 1st grade class. The class had only done one post that was a single sentence about what they enjoyed at school. Cole liked to play Minecraft... not very related to school or academics, but he still gets participation points, right?! Even though a computer game isn't related to school, he still had the correct capital letter at the beginning of his sentence and a period at the end.

Bejamin lives in New Zealand and is in Mrs. Jacobsen's 5th grade class. In his post he shared about who they were studying this week-an artist named Michel Tuffery (Check out some of his work!). Ben seemed to really enjoy learning about him because he likes to draw, too. In almost every one of his posts he has included a drawing of his own that relates to the topic.

Artwork by Michel Tuffery
art by Michel Tuffery

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