Tuesday, October 7, 2014

C4T #2 Summary

For this C4T project I was assigned to Joey Feith. He is a P.E. teacher in Montreal, CQ (how cool!? I loved Canada when I went years ago) and is very engaged with #Physed and #PEchat on twitter-Follow him!
I have really enjoyed reading his blog and exploring the resources he includes on his website as well. To the other students pursuing P.E., take the time to see for yourself!
Photo of Joey Feith

The first post I commented on is titled "Back to the Drawing Board," this post was an update on his progress at his new position at St. George's School of Montreal. He had really been enjoying his self from the tone of the blog and and he shared a lot of the teaching methods the school uses. This was my favorite part in the post, "It’s only my second week at St. George’s and I’ve already learned a ton. However, there is still a lot (like, a lot a lot) to learn. I feel like I’m starting fresh again. I’m going to need to hit the books, ask for your help, and reinvent myself as a teacher as I go along here. Challenge accepted!" I strive to have his attitude toward teaching when I graduate and land my first teaching position. When I left my comment, I shared with Feith that I was unfamiliar with the different teaching methods they use, but all the more intrigued. I also told him I'd follow him on twitter and maybe (hopefully) join in on the #PEchat one day.

Today, I commented on a post from earlier this year titled, "How I Teach:Adam Metcalf." In this post Feith shared with his readers that he likes to highlight another Physical Education teacher and asks them what they have to say about their teaching strategy. Metcalf teaches in Iowa at The Avery Coonley School. He shared his favorite apps, his teaching strategies, routines, instructions, and goals he has for his class. Metcalf has qualities that every teacher from any subject could benefit from; he says this, "Above all else, time spent building relationships with students is the most meaningful thing that a teacher can do. It is essential to get to know your students and to show them that you are a real person." I left a praising comment about how cool I thought it was to include another teacher's view on your own blog. Sharing ideas is very beneficial to educators. Like I stated before, I hope to have the same attitude and open-mindedness that these two P.E. teachers have for their jobs. Reading teachers blogs about their experiences and methods gives me an insight on what the job really consists of.

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