Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog Post #12


  1. Shelby,
    As I am in the same class you are I know that this is a collaborative post. So all comments are made toward your group as a whole because i don't know who wrote each part.
    For the most part I think that these technologies are great examples such as the Ebook for vision impaired students and the settings on the iPad that let it read to you. Other items like the strap on wand for typing in the case that you have a physically handicapped student are rudimentary and outdated as well as a possible embarrassment to the student. I'm not suggesting that their aid type for them but just that there are other options like the Dragon Software that can control the computer and type and even replace a mouse just by talking to the computer.
    All in all a great post. Keep up the good work! It's almost over!
    -Noah Armstrong

  2. Thanks for your comments, Noah, I can see where you're coming from. Although, I want to make clear just one thing. I agree that a wand/pointer may be embarrassing, but for some students that have severe physical disabilities that may be the only way. Even if this method is old fashioned, I think it is still useful and effective.
    Again, thanks for your comment, we're all still learning! :)