Sunday, November 30, 2014

C4T #4 Summary

The Flipped Coach.
The final teacher that I found to read his blog is Jason Hahnstadt and he has been a PE teacher at Joseph Sears School since 2005. He is very involved in using technology for athletics and teaching Physical Education. One of his blogs is titled, "What is Flipped Coaching?" Even though I do not intend to be a coach, I was still very curious. He explains the ideas of showing videos to the students to introduce and even begin teaching new skills or activities. He continues to explain that this method increases consistency among different classes; and that is to say, he won't forget or leave out any need-to-know information if he just tried to remember the instructions off the top of his head. I liked this method and I think I could use it in my future teaching if I can get the needed equipment.
Another post I came upon is titled, "iBook and iBook Author," and of course I was interested in this one because my group just finished our iBook for this class! I think that he wrote this post to introduce the program to other professionals. He included the widgets, the complexity and the use on the iPads. Also, I agreed with him when he added that Apple should update the program so that one could view an iBook on an iPhone. That just seems obvious to me!
I'm glad I found Jason's blog because I think I could learn a lot from his experience. :)

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