Sunday, November 23, 2014

C4K Summary #3

The first student was Keanan in Ms. Stadler's 5th grade class in South Africa. Keanan has many creative ideas that he includes in his blog posts. The post I commented on was titled, "poetry," and had a simile and a metaphor poem. He had great detail; the metaphor poem described a lion as a vicious animal that was deemed "the king of the jungle," and the simile poem was an expression of his feelings of school. Although he displays feelings of a typical elementary boy and says, "school is like a bumble bee working wasting it's time," he shows great competence in his language arts. He also included pictures, which is always a nice touch in blogs. I really enjoyed his poems.

Screen capture of an example drawing on Sketchbook Pro.
The next student I had was Travis who is in Mrs. Meyer's art class at Waverly Shell Rock Middle School. Travis seems to really enjoy art class and expressing his creativity. In one of his posts he described himself in 100 years from now. He animated his ideas using a Sketchbook Pro app and embedded it into his post. He shows a lot of artistic potential and is doing a great job blogging.

My third assignment was Alex in Mrs. Debuhr's 6th grade class. This class has done a lot of blogging assignments this year, they seem to have learned quite a bit so far! Alex recently posted about his view on his first quarter of 6th grade. I reflected on what he had already accomplished and told his goals for the rest of the year. I mentioned to him that self reflection is important and that he's done a good job. I also liked his title, "1st quarter down 3 to go," I thought it kept his page entertaining to the reader.

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